Advancing Equity: Five Districts Focus on Improving Outcomes of Black and Latinx Students

Equity in Action Project Focuses on Racial Equity Change

In response to these requests, REL West formed the Equity in Action project. The project involved five California school districts committed to racial equity change. REL West leads Erin Browder and Lori Van Houten (along with team members Margit Birge, Rebeca Cerna, and Kamilah Wilson) supported these districts through coaching and facilitation. The project aimed to help these districts:

  • Understand the assets and needs of Black and Latinx stakeholders in their district.
  • Learn to develop and leverage racial equity plans created by diverse district teams.
  • Ensure that racial equity is at the center of efforts to revamp district structures and supports so that Black and Latinx students and families are engaged and thriving.

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