Equity in Action Project Tools (REL West resources)

This collection of REL West resources was developed for the Equity in Action project and may be useful resources to district teams engaging in equity change work.

Equity in Action—Tools:

  • Building a District Equity Team: A worksheet with guiding questions for forming a district equity team with members representing different identities, roles, knowledge, and skills.
  • Bias-Based Beliefs Resource: A reflection protocol to guide individuals or a team through examination of biased-based beliefs and behaviors.
  • Communication and Engagement Plan: A two-part tool containing a framework, guiding questions, and worksheets for developing a communication and engagement plan with different stakeholder groups.

Equity in Action—PowerPoint slides:

  • Equity in Action: Targeted Improvement Efforts Toward Racial Equity in Five School Districts. These slides, from a virtual session for the Teachers’ Institute and Leading Change Conference in June 2021, include information about REL West’s work in the five districts, including steps and tools in an equity-focused process, and lessons learned.

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