Four Strategies to Increase Student Attendance Through Personalized Family Messaging

What personalized messaging strategies can educators use to increase student attendance? The National Center for Rural Education Research Networks released a how-to guide, Improve Attendance with Personalized Messages, which outlines four key components of effective messages to families:

– Personalization: Introduce yourself, address the caregiver by name, and include the student’s name.
– Attendance status: Summarize the total number of days absent in the past month.
– Importance of attendance: Emphasize the value of being present in school.
– Invitation to connect: Provide contact information for caregivers to connect with school staff.

Caregivers are often unaware of the number of days their student has missed. By providing real-time, personalized information, educators can increase caregivers’ awareness. These easy-lift actions can also build stronger relationships between educators and caregivers, enabling them to address barriers to attendance and engagement together.

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