What Further Research is Needed on Restorative Justice in Schools?

Restorative justice is a non-punitive approach to resolving conflict that focuses on restoring relationships.

This report summarizes recommendations about future research and evaluation needs that would advance the understanding of restorative justice in K–12 schools in the United States.

The recommendations were generated from interviews with over 40 nationally recognized leaders in restorative justice, supplemented by a large focus group discussion, and cover:

  • Implementation readiness
  • Whole-school versus stand-alone models
  • Implementation and effectiveness
  • Impacts on racial and ethnic minorities and students with disabilities
  • Leadership/training
  • Data and measurement

Also included in the report is a starter set of research questions that can be considered by foundations, the federal government, and the research community to begin building a strong body of empirical evidence about restorative justice in schools.

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